The Matrot Castle has been a part of Kansas history since 1883. During prohibition the castle was used for an underground winery. Davenport Winery has taken the initiative  to bring a legal winery to Topeka, Kansas.

Davenport Winery

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6424 S.W. Huntoon Topeka, Ks 66615

Open 11 a.m to 7 p.m. Saturdays
Kansas decided to make wineries give away free wine! This is one of greatest laws for a Kansas wine maker. Who doesn't like free wine tasting? Wine tasting is a great way to experience new wines from places that you may not of tried otherwise. We gladly offer free wine tasting every Saturday and Sunday. Wine tasting is a really fun way to spend an afternoon. Our Kansas wine is made from 100% Kansas-grown fruit. We grow 21 different varieties of grapes and offer 38 different wines. Each of our Kansas wines really show what a variety can really be. So if you're ready to try something that may be new to you, stop in at the Matrot Castle and try our Kansas wine, with a free wine tasting.